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Lake Minnetonka “Entire Lake” Minimum Wake Restrictions Remain in Effect (7-23-14)

On June 5th, the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District (LMCD) implemented an “Emergency High Water” Declaration for Lake Minnetonka (Lake).  During this declaration, it is unlawful for a person to operate a watercraft on Lake Minnetonka (the entire Lake) at a speed that results in more than a minimum wake.  “Minimum wake” means the wake moving out from a watercraft and trailing behind in a widening “V” is of insufficient size to affect other watercraft or to be detrimental to the shoreline.

The “Emergency High Water” Declaration will remain in effect until the Lake level falls below 930.30 feet for three consecutive days.  As of Wednesday, July 23rd, the Lake level, reported by the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, was 930.25 feet.  The 2014 Lake Minnetonka water level readings are offered herein, as well as all submitted press releases and the Emergency High Water Declaration ordinance.  Additionally, all of the MCWD’s Lake level readings are posted on their website at

To report a minimum wake violation, please contact the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Dispatch Office at (763) 525-6210.  For all other questions, please continue to view this posting on the LMCD’s website or contact LMCD Executive Director Greg Nybeck at 952-745-0789 or

Press Releases

2014 Lake Minnetonka Water Level Readings

LMCD’s Emergency High Water Declaration Ordinance


Posted on: June 5th, 2014
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