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Board of Directors

The Lake Minnetonka Conservation District is governed by a Board of Directors composed of one member appointed by the City Councils of the 14 municipalities that border Lake Minnetonka. Terms on the LMCD Board run from February 1st through January 31st of the following year.  The LMCD state enabling legislation calls for Board members to be appointed for three-year terms subject to recall by the cities.  There is no applicable term limits for Board members.

Because the application of the LMCD ordinances are inherently unique and it takes some period of time for new Board members to come up to speed, it is undesirable to have all Board member’s terms expire at the same time, possibly ending up with a completely new Board.  The LMCD has worked with the 14 cities to stagger the Board member’s terms.


Board Officers


Jay Green (City of Mound)
5966 Lynwood Boulevard
Mound, MN 55364
612-817-6388 (Cell)
Term Expires January, 2018

Vice Chair

Gregg Thomas (City of Tonka Bay)
50 Highland Avenue
Tonka Bay, MN  55331
952-474-1851 (Home)
480-797-6012 (Cell)
Term Expires January, 2018


Ann HoelscherAnn Hoelscher (City of Victoria)
920 Smithtown Terrace
Victoria, MN  55331
612-965-6645 (Cell)
Term Expires January 2020



Chris JewettChris Jewett (City of Deephaven)
20305 Lakeview Avenue
Deephaven, MN  55331
Term Expires January 2018



Dan Baasen  (City of Wayzata)
4100 Shoreline Drive, #203
Spring Park, MN  55384
952-474-7700 (Home)
651-270-7500 (Cell)
Term Expires January, 2018

Bill Cook

Bill Cook (City of Greenwood)
5195 Greenwood Circle
Greenwood, MN  55331
612-805-0424 (Cell)
Term Expires January 2018

Gary Hughes (City of Spring Park)
4343 Shoreline Drive
Spring Park, MN 55384
Term Expires January, 2018

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADennis Klohs (City of Minnetonka Beach)
2212 Huntington Point Road East
Minnetonka Beach, MN  55391
952-471-0589 (Home)
952-927-7797 (Work)
612-867-2972 (Cell)
Term Expires January, 2019

Mark Kroll (City of Orono)
Box 23
Crystal Bay, MN  55323
Term Expires _____


Fred Meyer (City of Woodland)
2755 Breezy Heights Road
Woodland, MN  55391
952-473-3857  (Home)
Term Expires January, 2018

Mike Molitor (City of Minnetrista)
612-644-1360 (Cell)
Term Expires January, 2020



Gregg Prest (City of Excelsior)
612-759-3637  (Cell)
Term Expires January, 2018


Sue Shuff  (City of Minnetonka)
16749 Gray’s Bay Boulevard
Minnetonka, MN  55391
952-476-8557 (Home)
Term Expires January, 2019

Deborah Zorn (City of Shorewood)
612-889-3767 (Cell)
Term Expires January, 2020






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