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Rules & Regulations


Rules & Regulations

Lake Minnetonka is a valuable recreational resource for a large number of persons residing in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, as well as for persons living throughout Minnesota. At same time, the Lake serves a valuable role in the area’s ecology by providing drainage control and a habitat for a wide range of species of wildlife. The District recognizes the inherent conflict between human usage of the Lake and the functions performed by the Lake in its natural state. In addition, the Lake is subject to increasing pressures from the development of adjacent shoreland areas and from increasing recreational uses. In order to balance these competing interests, it is necessary to regulate and control the degree and type of development and the use of the Lake.  The Lake Minnetonka Conservation District (LMCD) Board of Directors over the years has adopted a comprehensive Code of Ordinances to manage and regulate a wide variety of activities on Lake Minnetonka.

Summarized Rules and Regulations Pamphlets (summer lake use; dock use area and watercraft storage; winter lake use; and bowfishing):

2014-2015 Winter Rules Pamphlet (pdf)

2015 LMCD Summer Rules Pamphlet (pdf)

For a full copy of the winter and summer rules, please see Chapter 3 of LMCD Code of Ordinances below

2015 MN DNR Boating Guide

Summary of Dock Use Area and Boat Density Regulations
For a full copy of the rules please see Chapter 2 of LMCD Code below

Summary of LMCD Bowfishing Rules; including summary of State of Minnesota laws - as of 5/2013 – as well as member city contact information (pdf)
For a full copy of the rules please see
Ordinance #212 (pdf) as outlined in Chapter 3 of LMCD Code below

Lake Minnetonka Conservation District Code of Ordinances

LMCD Ordinances by Chapter & Title are posted here with links to specific chapters in pdf format for downloading, reading and printing. Click on the links below to select the table of contents or a Chapter.

Detailed Table of Contents (pdf)

Chapter 1 - General Provisions and Uniform Procedures (pdf)

Chapter 2 – Regulation of Structures Within the Lake (pdf)

Chapter 3 - Regulation of Watercraft and Other Craft and Vehicles (pdf)

Chapter 4 - Environmental Control (pdf)

Chapter 5 - Liquor and Beer (pdf)


The Lake Minnetonka Conservation District (LMCD) has established this website for use by the general public as a convenient way to access the information and services provided by the LMCD.  Efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website.  However, due to the nature of information transmitted via the Internet, the compatibility of different web browsers, changes to source material since the last update to the website, and the possibility of unauthorized access to this site, information contained on this website should not be deemed reliable for legal purposes.  Please contact the LMCD office at (952) 745-0789 to verify the accuracy of the information.

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