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LMCD Partners with MN Bass Federation & Mtka. Yacht Club

Although special events on Lake Minnetonka are permitted by the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Water Patrol (by LMCD Ordinance), the LMCD actively maintains communication and establishes ongoing partnerships with all involved to address the management and prevention of aquatic invasive species (AIS).  In particular, the LMCD worked with two sponsoring organizations that each held a large special event on Lake Minnetonka.  First the Minnesota BASS Federation coordinated a youth tournament in June.  Twenty-eight watercraft were staged and launched at Tonka Bay Marina.  All watercraft were inspected for AIS upon arrival and high-pressure washed and re-inspected prior to leaving.  Second, the Minnetonka Yacht Club sponsored a national regatta from August 11-21, 2011.  Over 100 watercraft were high pressure washed and inspected at the Deephaven Elementary School prior to launching.  The LMCD commends the efforts of the event sponsors, as well as Tonka Bay Marina, Deephaven Elementary School, and all event coordinators in the fight against AIS.   For a full review of the 2011 BASS Youth “Tournament of Champions” event, please select the following link: MN BASS Federation “Tournament of Champions”.

Posted on: December 20th, 2011