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LMCD Held 2013 Boater Safety Education Pilot Program

The Lake Minnetonka Conservation District (LMCD), through its Save the Lake Fund, has partnered with the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office Water Patrol (Water Patrol) and Three Rivers Park District to create a Lake Minnetonka Boater Safety Education Program (primarily geared to the youth).  Prior to kicking this program off in 2014, the LMCD held a pilot program at the Water Patrol Office on Saturday, November 16th.

The goals of the pilot program included: 1) to facilitate participants securing a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MN DNR) Youth Operator Permit on-line, 2) to “shake down” the technology and assess the flow and layout of the course, and 3) learn from this pilot program for necessary improvements prior to the program’s 2014 kick off.  Eight local youth, plus six guardians (below) attended the training session.  All youth, plus two guardians, took the on-line test and received their MN DNR Youth Operator or Boating Safety Certificate.  Additionally, all received 1) knowledge of Minnesota boating laws through practical teaching, 2) key on-board safety practices, and 3) understanding and awareness of Lake Minnetonka’s unique boating experience.

Further details on this program are highlighted in the Fall-Winter 2013 Newsletter on the front page of the LMCD’s website or by contacting the LMCD office at 952-745-0789.

2013 Boater Safety Education Pilot Program
Graduating Participants – Congratulations!

Posted on: October 24th, 2013