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Save the Lake 2013 Fall-Winter Solicitation Drive

Message from Save the Lake Committee Chair Dan Baasen:  Lake Minnetonka, the most used lake in the state, is getting busier and boats are getting bigger.  Last June, I highlighted Save the Lake campaign efforts that invested in the environmental quality and recreational enjoyment of Lake Minnetonka.  Although your tax deductible contributions are making strides, we are still short of funds necessary to preserve this precious resource.  We continue to need your help in keeping Lake Minnetonka safe and respected.

The 2013 Fall-Winter Solicitation drive was just kicked off.   The LMCD Save the Lake Fund’s stewardship of this great resource is worthy of your contribution dollars (large and small).  Please consider us in your year-end contribution decisions.   To learn more about the Save the Lake Fund, please read the below solicitation letter that was recently mailed out, call the LMCD office to speak with a staff member, or select the Save the Lake link on the LMCD’s website.  Contributions can be made on line or by mail.


Posted on: December 9th, 2013