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LMCD Terminates High Water Declaration

Effective immediately, the “High Water Declaration” on Lake Minnetonka is terminated.

Elevated Lake levels remain a concern (in particular, flooding, shoreline erosion, and the safety of all during recreational Lake use).  Those concerns can continue to be addressed by watercraft operators adhering to the below regulated standard speed limits and minimum wake restrictions, as well as understanding that “No person shall operate a watercraft in a manner that its wash or wake will endanger, harass or unnecessarily interfere with any other person or property.”

  • 40 miles per hour during the daytime;
  • 20 miles per hour during the nighttime;
  • 5 miles per hour/minimum wake (minimum wake means a wake moving out from a watercraft and trailing behind in a widening “V” is of insufficient size to affect other watercraft or to be detrimental to the shoreline):
    1. In quiet water areas- restrictions apply to channels, bays, and shoreline delineated by markers, buoys, or other aids to navigation placed by Hennepin County;
    2. Within 150’ of the shoreline; and
    3. Within 150’ of an authorized bathing area or swimmer, an authorized scuba diver’s warning flag, an anchored raft or watercraft, or a dock or pier except that from which a watercraft with a person in tow is being operated.

The LMCD’s Lake Minnetonka Summer Rules pamphlet provides a summary of Lake Minnetonka’s rules and regulations.  This pamphlet can be viewed on the LMCD’s website at, under “Rules and Regulations.”  For further information, contact LMCD Executive Director Greg Nybeck at 952-745-0789 or

Posted on: July 24th, 2014