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Save the Lake Solicitation Drive

Dear Lake Minnetonka Stakeholders:

By the time you read this letter, the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District (LMCD) will once again be reviewing solicited grant applications so that we may continue to look forward in investing your generous contributions into the valuable resource we all know so well – Lake Minnetonka.

The investments I am referring to are your tax deductible Save the Lake contributions that fund environmental, public safety, and educational projects that are not covered within the LMCD’s general budget. An example of how your investments were spent just last year includes:

  • “No Anchoring” buoys for the north side of Big Island at Cruisers Cove;
  • Insulated rescue suits and radio equipment for the Mound Fire Department that are used year round;
  • Red and green solar lights that are placed on top of channel buoys to improve nighttime navigation. This program, including expansion and maintenance, is fully funded by Save the Lake; and
  • The newly established Boater Safety Education Program.

The LMCD, through the Save the Lake Fund and in partnership with the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Water Patrol, sponsored three 2014 Boater Safety Education sessions designed to assist young people in obtaining their MN DNR Watercraft Operator Permit. The LMCD and Water Patrol strongly believe the education of safe boaters is the first step in providing positive contributors to the safety of all. As of today, there are 61 more educated watercraft operators navigating Lake Minnetonka.

Ecological resources are always at the forefront of the LMCD and partnering agencies; providing for active and ongoing prevention, management, and research of aquatic invasive species (AIS). However, ecological resources go beyond AIS. The LMCD is actively researching the effects of the 2014 historical high water levels and flooding concerns, as well as communicating with stakeholders on how the LMCD can assist in reducing littering within the Lake, a concern that needs the help of everyone. Litter not only affects the ecological standards of Lake Minnetonka but also presents safety concerns.

Contributions to Save the Lake make valuable programs and projects specific to Lake Minnetonka possible. Please consider supporting this program. Contributions can be addressed and mailed to “Save the Lake,” 5341 Maywood Road, Suite 200, Mound, MN  55364 or made on line at, under “Save the Lake.”  Questions can also be addressed to the LMCD office at 952-745-0789.  Thank you.


Dan Baasen, Chair
LMCD Save the Lake Fund




Posted on: December 19th, 2014