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Petitioned Quiet Water Area Update (North Seton Channel)

The Lake Minnetonka Conservation District (LMCD) received a petition for a new Quiet Water Area (QWA) from the north Seton Channel area to Deering Island. A public hearing was held on this request at the November 12th LMCD Regular Board Meeting with further consideration at their December 10th meeting.  At the December 10th meeting, the Board denied all but the north-south channel between Shadywood Point and the west end of Derring Island. This area was referred back to the Public Safety Committee for further study.

The Public Safety Committee met on Wednesday, January 21st to further study this area.  Committee members Gary Hughes (Chair), Chris Jewett, Rob Roy, Tony Brough (Hennepin County Environmental and Energy) and Lt. Kent Vnuk (Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office Water Patrol) were in attendance.  The consensus of the committee was:

  • That the LMCD Board should deny the remaining portion of the petition submitted on August 5th, the north-south channel, based on public safety information available; and
  • That the Sheriff’s Water Patrol would continue to monitor the north-south channel (during future boating seasons) as part of their patrolling activities on Lake Minnetonka.

At their January 28th meeting, the LMCD Board of Directors received a committee update from Hughes.  After which, the Board denied the QWA petition for the north-south channel between Shadywood Point and the west end of Deering Island.

Questions relative to this matter can be directed to LMCD Executive Director Greg Nybeck at or 952-745-0789.

Posted on: January 15th, 2015