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Ordinance to Keep Underage From Under the Influence

An ordinance amendment goes into effect on July 14, 2017 to deter underage drinking of alcoholic beverages on Lake Minnetonka and to provide consequences to those persons who encourage underage drinking. This is one of the priorities of the LMCD Strategic Plan to promote Lake safety, in partnership with the Hennepin County Water Patrol, by reducing over consumption and underage drinking of alcoholic beverages. Of the five medical responses on July 4th, four of those were related to underage drinking of alcoholic beverages.

The ordinance clarifies definitions and provides consistency with state law regarding purchase, procurement, possession, and consumption of alcoholic beverages by underage persons. Further, the regulation specifically prohibits owners or operators of a watercraft or license holders of fish houses from allowing underage persons to possess or consume alcoholic beverages in watercraft or fish houses. View the ordinance amendment >>>


Posted on: July 13th, 2017