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Dear Lake Minnetonka Stakeholder:

The big SAVE the LAKE Fall Contribution Drive is underway. It was a successful year for Lake Minnetonka and your contribution will help ensure next year’s success. Your contribution is more important than ever since fewer grants are available to supplement the vital services to protect Lake Minnetonka and all those who enjoy it. Whether you are a lakeshore owner, sportsperson, or lake enthusiast, you understand the important ecological, residential, recreational, and economical role of the Lake.

SAVE the LAKE’s mission is to keep Lake Minnetonka safe and healthy. For many years the SAVE the LAKE
Fund has focused resources on activities supporting safety, education, and the environment such as:

• Increased safety and Water Patrol coverage
• Solar lights on channel buoys
• Boater safety education
• Public safety/AIS electronic signage

DONATE TODAY! It’s easy online, by mail, and through company matching grant programs>>>.

Your tax-deductible contribution to SAVE the LAKE will help ensure Lake Minnetonka continues to be a treasure for current and future generations. We thank you for your past and continued support of our great Lake.

Yours truly,

Daniel Baasen, Save the Lake Chair  and James Jay Green, LMCD Chair

Posted on: November 18th, 2017