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Boating Safety Tips

Lake Minnetonka is one of the busiest lakes for boating activities. The following safety tips will help ensure you, your family, friends, and pets have a fun and safe holiday.

  1. Alcohol. Do not operate a boat while under the influence of alcohol. The blood alcohol limit for boating is 0.08 percent, the same as the limit for driving an automobile. Alcohol is one of the contributing factors in many medical incidents, injuries and deaths.
  2. PFDs. Wear a life jacket on the boat or even near the water. Make sure they are U.S. Coast Guard approved and fit property.
  3. Litter. Carry off the lake what you bring in. Help keep Lake Minnetonka clean and litter free.
  4. Boat Equipment. Make sure your boat is in good condition and has all the required safety equipment. Make sure you are ready for an emergency situation or to help others if needed.
  5. Boater Safety.  Before going boating, let someone know your itinerary. Know the rules and keep a safe distance from kayaks, canoes, and other watercraft.
  6. Children and pets. Children in or near the water should be supervised at all times to prevent accidents. Pets are also more susceptible to accidents and injuries if they fall inside or out of the boat.
  7. Prevent AIS. Ensure your watercraft is clean before entering Lake Minnetonka and implement the clean, drain, dry and dispose techniques upon leaving the lake.
  8. Weather. Be prepared for the weather. Stay off or leave the lake when there is lightning or damaging winds. In hot weather, be sure to stay hydrated and implement appropriate sun protection measures.

Remember to have patience with the crowds and be courteous of other boaters. Help make Lake Minnetonka enjoyable for everyone!

Posted on: July 3rd, 2018