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Watercraft Wastewater Discharge Suggested Amendment

marine holding tank

Your input is wanted. One item being reviewed as part of efforts to help reduce waterborne illnesses is regarding the intentional or accidental discharge of wastewater from watercraft. The LMCD Board discussed draft language for a code amendment regarding wastewater discharge on Lake Minnetonka at the September 25th board meeting.

The proposed amendment would reinforce state and federal laws as well as add language that requires the removal of certain wastewater devices, such as grinder pumps or macerators, from watercraft operating on Lake Minnetonka. Additionally, the amendment would reinforce the requirement to have the “Y” valve on such pumping systems to be locked into a position that prohibits sewage from being released directly into the Lake. The link to the Board memo and draft code amendment language is below.

If you have comments, please submit to the LMCD office at or attend a future board meeting in October, where there will be further discussion on this item.

Posted on: September 27th, 2019