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Fall Save the Lake Drive

Dear Friend of Lake Minnetonka,

Save the Lake Fall Flyer

For more than 50 years, the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District (LMCD) has been taking actions to preserve Lake Minnetonka and enhance the experience of those that enjoy the lake. With your support, Lake Minnetonka continues to be an important natural resource providing ecological, residential, recreational, and economic value, and will be for future generations. Whether you are a lakeshore owner, sportsperson, or lake enthusiast, you understand the importance of protecting this magnificent resource.

This year we completed an update and simplification of the code that provides a uniform approach for lake enthusiasts and residents on this vast shoreline. We are also in the process of developing a Plan to address the dynamic lake management activities needed to protect the lake’s ecology given the emerging issues facing our wonderful lake. We would also like to continue to support lake safety through: dedicated response to emergencies through water patrol services, solar light program, and boater education for 2020 and beyond.

We ask you to respond to this need with your contribution. Our limited budget needs your support. Your tax-deductible contribution to LMCD SAVE the LAKE will help ensure Lake Minnetonka continues to be a treasure for all in the future. Visit the “Save the Lake” Webpage or view the Flyer to learn more or to pay through PayPal link.

On behalf of the LMCD, we thank you for your support.

Posted on: November 27th, 2019