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Stricter Ordinance For Marine Toilets on Lake Minnetonka

marine holding tank

In October, the LMCD passed a stricter ordinance regarding marine toilets on Lake Minnetonka in response to the July 4th illness outbreak. While the discharge of sewage was already prohibited by LMCD and state and federal regulations, this new ordinance makes it clearer and takes an additional step to protect the lake and all those who enjoy it. It requires marine toilet macerater/grinder pumps to be removed from watercrafts and the discharge valves (“Y valves”) to be locked to prevent accidental or intentional discharge of sewage into Lake Minnetonka. Lake service providers who launch watercraft or provide pumping services are required to report to the LMCD any situations where marine toilets do not comply with the regulations.

For more information, view the media release, code amendment, and summary of wastewater regulations.

Posted on: November 26th, 2019