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2020 MN Recreational Boating Study

The MN DNR has published the 2020 Minnesota Recreational Boating Study. The project is part of a research agenda to gather baseline information about customers, boating trends, and opinions about boating in Minnesota. This boating study is one piece of information, along with public input, best available science and other information, used to provide quality boating opportunities. The following are some highlights of the study:

  • There is strong usage and support for public boating facilities in the land of 10,000 lakes
    • Most boaters use public boating facilities (79% used public water access sites last year).
    • 87% are satisfied with the Minnesota water recreation system. Boaters suggested the following topics as areas for improvement: rules/law enforcement, training/education, and maintenance of amenities/services.
    • 75% say boating is an important part of their life.
  • Boaters are willing to pay increased fees to continue providing quality boating opportunities.
    • Boaters say improving maintenance and quality of existing public water access sites is more important than expanding access.
    • Core amenities, such as docks, toilets and parking, are the most important public water access amenities.
    • 60% of boaters are willing to pay increased registration fees to invest in boating services.

Full Report 2020 Minnesota Recreational Boating Study