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Harvesting Program Suspended for 2020

Vegetation on rake

The LMCD harvesting program is suspended for three years (2019-2021) to further review impact and options for lake-wide vegetation and AIS Management.

We understand that the suspension of the harvesting program may inconvenience some lake users and lakeshore owners this season. Concerns regarding vegetation growth and navigation hazards should be reported using the interactive map or by contacting the LMCD Office. Your input is important to obtain a broad perspective about management of lake vegetation.

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Stakeholder participation and support of other agencies, cities, businesses, neighborhood groups, and interested parties is important. Lake Minnetonka is a large and busy lake. By working together, we can protect and enhance the Lake Minnetonka experience for future generations.

OPTIONS- For private dock use areas

The AIS picture has been changing as new threats appear in Minnesota waters and across the nation. With the changing landscape of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) and ecology of Lake Minnetonka, having a comprehensive, scientific approach to effectively address the current and future health of Lake Minnetonka is critical. With the loss of grants, the AIS and harvesting budget has decreased over the years while the challenges and needs to protect the lake continue to rise. The development of a science-based master plan will help determine the costs of an effective vegetation management program and sustainable funding sources.

All types of vegetation treatment methods (mechanical, chemical, etc.) have come under scrutiny. There are strong opinions favoring certain treatment methods, but there are equally strong opinions favoring other methods. There are advantages and limitations to all treatment methods.

For vegetation management in private dock use areas, you may consider contracting with a vegetation management professional such as a private harvester, diver, chemical applicator or similar.


Learn about initiatives to identify, prevent, and manage AIS and other lake vegetation at the Lake Minnetonka Vegetation & AIS Master Plan Webpage-

Posted on: July 24th, 2020