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Save the Lake Fall Fund Drive

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Summer has come and gone in the blink of an eye. After
an incredibly busy season on the water, we really need your help!
Can you give the gift of a safer and healthier lake today?

The primary mission of the LMCD and our Save the Lake initiatives is preserving the health of the lake and ensuring your safety while you’re enjoying the water. And we’ll be honest, it has been a challenge to meet our financial needs. Lake use and traffic expanded greatly in 2020, partly due to
the COVID-19 pandemic that has forced us to avoid indoor gatherings and keep our distance from one another. As a reprieve, people discovered that getting outdoors and out on the water, where there’s plenty of open space, provided a safe and healthy recreational opportunity, whether for families
experiencing the Lake for the first time or for lifelong Lake Minnetonka enthusiasts. While these are challenging times, many people are connecting through nature.

Public education, public safety, and monitoring the health of the lake are priorities. These critical services are largely made possible by financial gifts from our community.

Whether you are a lakeshore owner, outdoor family, or lake enthusiast, you understand the need for these services and conserving this crucial ecosystem. When everyone rallies behind the common cause of a safer, cleaner lake, the memory-making experiences can continue well into the future. Without you, this effort simply wouldn’t be possible.

Save the Lake funds directly provide the necessary and appropriate services that have in the past and will continue to keep Lake Minnetonka a treasure for current and future generations.

Please, give the gift of a safer and healthier lake today. On behalf of the LMCD and the Lake, we thank you for your support. Be safe and well.

Fall 2020 Save the Lake Flyer
Learn More About Providing a Safer and Healthier Lake

Posted on: November 19th, 2020