Lake Minnetonka WEATHER

Preventing Boat Fires

Boat fires can result in injuries or deaths of people and their pets, and they can be financially costly. Boaters can help prevent fires and explosions by taking precautions. Learn […]

child ice fishing

Ice Safety Reminders

As we gear up for another winter season and wait for the Lake to freeze, it is great time for all of us to review the review the following important […]

Coordinated Herbicide Treatments

Coordinated Herbicide Treatment Projects The LMCD (in coordination with its AIS Task Force) has participated in a number of herbicide treatment projects over the years. Some of these include: 1) […]

Top Winter Safety & Nuisance Violations

Lake Minnetonka is a treasure all year long, but we still see some misuse in the colder months, including safety risks. The following are the most common winter-use violations observed […]