Lake Minnetonka Conservation District

About the LMCD


Mission & Strategic Plan

Our Mission
The mission of the LMCD is to preserve and enhance the Lake Minnetonka experience.

Our Vision
Lake Minnetonka is a highly valued year-round asset with vibrant aesthetic, recreational, commercial, and natural qualities. These qualities and values will be protected and preserved for present and future generations.

Our Core Values
Accountability | Collaboration | Integrity | Leadership | Quality Results | Stewardship of the Lake

Our Strategic Plan
The LMCD has adopted a Strategic Plan for 2019 and 2020. This updated plan builds on previous initiatives and introduces new ones to meet the current and future needs of Lake Minnetonka. It also focuses efforts to ensure the organization will meet the mission of preserving and enhancing the Lake Minnetonka experience. We look forward to working with all our partners in these efforts.  The LMCD 2019-2020 Strategic Plan may be viewed by the link provided below.

The Strategic Plan dashboard provides a snapshot of LMCD’s operating performance in relation to key strategic priorities and is updated quarterly. These initiatives help us focus resources to more effectively address the needs of Lake Minnetonka and the Lake community.

Strategic Plan 2019-2020

Strategic Plan 2017-2018