Lake Minnetonka WEATHER

Be a Good Steward. Protect Lake Minnetonka. Stop AIS Spread By Taking These Pledges.

Lake Minnetonka is a valuable natural resource we all know and enjoy. As one of Minnesota’s most beloved lakes, it represents something to everybody: Home, Entertainment, Beauty. Whatever it is to you, Lake Minnetonka is an ecosystem that needs to be protected. One way we can all help is by taking the following two pledges to prevent the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.

Minnesota DNR Pledge to Protect Minnesota Waters

The Minnesota DNR has rolled out a new online pledge to help prevent the spread of AIS in Minnesota lakes and rivers. Anyone 18 years or older may visit The Pledge to Protect Minnesota Waters to take the pledge and upload a photo, if desired. The pledge affirms that participants will follow Minnesota’s “Clean, Drain, and Dispose” laws and will encourage others to do so.

The Lake Pledge

The Lake Pledge program is family friendly, where you can discover how your activities may unintentionally introduce AIS to the lake. By joining this program, you can help in slowing the spread of AIS in our great lake. To take the pledge, please visit

By doing our part in taking these pledges, we can all leave a positive impact on lake that we all love and preserve it for future generations. For more information on AIS prevention & management or learn more about what the LMCD is doing to protect Lake Minnetonka, please visit our AIS Prevention & Management page.