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If you are planning a home improvement project or business venture, looking to improve the Lake Minnetonka experience, or just have general questions about lake safety and protection, the following information and resources may be helpful. The following list is a summary of the most requested topics, contacts, and resources to help residents, contractors, lake enthusiasts, and other parties learn more about protecting Lake Minnetonka and its use.

Please note that information is provided for convenience and is not intended to reflect all situations, agencies, or topics. Please call the agencies directly for more information. More information may also be available on other webpages or by contacting the LMCD staff at (952) 745-0789.

Thank you for helping to ensure that Lake Minnetonka continues to be a great natural resource and enjoyed by current and future generations.

In case of emergency, to report suspicious activity, or request officer assistance– Call 911.

(Information was last updated 05/20/2018. It is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but is subject to change.)

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TopicDescriptionPublic ContactPhone NumberOnline Resources
Buoys- ChannelInformation about main lake and channel navigation HCSO Water Patrol(612)
Buoys- HazardousInformation about identifying hazardous or obstructionsHCSO Water
Buoys- Slow/No WakeInformation about authorized slow speed and no wake zonesLMCD(952)
Carbon Monoxide (CO) AlarmsCO requirements for watercraftMN DNR(651)
Deicing Operations (Bubblers)Licenses and information about deicing operations and requirementsLMCD(952)
Hydraulic Water JetsRegulations and proper useMN DNR(651)
Ice House LicensesInformation about Ice house/shelter licenses and regulationsMN DNR(651)
Fishing TournamentsRegulations and permit requirements for fishing tournaments and special eventsHCSO, MN DNR(612) 596-9880; (651) 296-6157HCSO Special Event Permit, MN DNR Fishing Tournament Permit
Fishing LicensesFishing regulations and licensesMN DNR(651)
Loud Parties/Nuisances- On Land Information or to report nuisances about city regulationsCity Where Property Located911delegated public service agency
Loud Parties/Nuisances- On Lake/DockInformation or to report nuisances on the lake or on a dockHCSO Water
Signage- On Lake/DockInformation about signs located on the lake or on a dock or other structureLMCD(952)
Solar LightsInformation about the SAVE the LAKE Solar Light Program and navigation lightsLMCD(952)
Special EventsPermits for events that occur on Lake MinnetonkaHCSO Water Patrol, LMCD(612)
Lake Use RegulationsGeneral questions about Lake Minnetonka regulations, lake safety, ecology, nuisancesLMCD(952)
Marinas, Charter Boats, Alcoholic Beverage/Liquor Licenses, Multiple DocksInformation about licenses, permits, operations, and maintenance of marinas, charter boats, liquor licenses, permanent docks, and other usesLMCD(952)
Dock and Structure RegulationsGeneral information about licenses, permits, Location, maintenance, and concernsLMCD(952)
City Zoning, Land Rental Regulations Information about activities on land, such as zoning, businesses, and nuisancesCity Where Property LocatedCityCity
WatercraftGeneral information about dock use area, location, number of watercraft/density, etc.LMCD(952)
Watercraft for HireLicense information about rental watercraft, cruises, tours, and alcoholic beverages/ liquor licensesLMCD(952)
Temporary StructuresPermits for activities with obstructions on LakeHCSO Water Patrol, LMCD(612)
Electrical Service- On DocksElectrical services and connections on docksLMCD, City Property Located(952) 745-0789Electric Shock Drowning Minnesota
Electrical Service- On LandElectrical services provided on land to docksCity Where Property LocatedCityCity;
MN Electrical Code
Floating BogsInformation about floating wetlands not connected to landMN DNR(651)
Harvesting Vegetation- Public Areas Management of aquatic vegetation, weeds, in public navigation areasLMCD(952)
Lake Vegetation Removal- PrivateInformation about restrictions and permits required for managing aquatic vegetation, weeds MN DNR(651)
Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) ProgramsInformation about AIS activities on Lake MinnetonkaLMCD, MN DNR, MCWD, TRPD(952)
Wetlands Vegetation RemovalInformation or permits for vegetation removal that is part of a wetland, vegetation, weeds attached to landMCWD(952)
Lake Service Provider Pilot StudyParticipating businesses permitted alternatives for equipment with zebra musselsMN
Invasive Aquatic AnimalsInformation about aquatic animals and invasive speciesLMCD, MN DNR, MCWD, TRPD(952)
Sick or Injured WildlifeGeneral information about injured or nuisance animals.MN DNR Conservation Officer888-645-6367
Beach ClosuresLocations of beach closures, water contamination, swimming alerts, and reopeningsHennepin County Environmental Services; City (612) 543-5200; or City, and City
Master Water Stewards ProgramCertifying citizens to optimize shoreline to improve water quality for pollution mitigationFreshwater Society(651)
Emergency Hazardous Spills and IncidentsReporting hazardous spills and serious incidentsMN State Duty Officer(651) 649-5451 or 911MN Department of Public Safety
Ongoing Pollution ConcernsInquiries or reporting of non emergency situations occurring on or into LakeLMCD(952)
Shoreland RestorationInformation about riprap, sand blankets, beaches, etc.MCWD(952)
Tree Removal ShorelandPermits may be required from CityCity Property LocatedCityCity
DredgingRequirements and permits to manipulate the lake bottomMCWD(952)
Shoreland planning and zoning, land usePlanning and zoning requirements, development regulations on landCity Property LocatedCityCity
High Water DeclarationNo Wake and other restriction in effect when high water declaredLMCD(952)