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Lake-Friendly Landscaping – Water Gardens & Aquariums

A water garden or pond can be a beautiful addition to a backyard, but extra precautions should be taken when designing and adding vegetation to a water feature so close to a natural body of water.

Key Considerations

  • Design your water garden so that it will not flood and release vegetation and animals into nearby public waters during a heavy rain event. Find more design information.
  • Choose vegetation species that are either native to your area or are not considered invasive. For information on aquatic plants native to Minnesota, visit the MN DNR website.

For tips on installation and establishing plants, visit the USDA website.

Unwanted Plants and Pets

If circumstances change and you no longer are able to keep the fish or aquatic plants from your aquarium or pond, do not release them into the wild. Seal aquatic plants in a plastic bag and dispose of them in the trash. For ideas on how to find a new home for your pet, visit the Habitat Attitude website.