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AIS Funding Opportunities for Bays

Funding Opportunities for AIS Management and Prevention

A new program was approved on October 27, 2021 for funding opportunities for first-time whole-bay or large area AIS management on Lake Minnetonka. The program funding for eligible and approved AIS bay treatment plans up to 25 percent for the first-year treatment cost, and up to 35 percent of AIS surveys total cost. Any applications for treatments in subsequent years of the project initiative will require new applications and are not guaranteed. To apply, please complete the Application Form. Preliminary review of the applications will be conducted by the AIS Committee and referred to the LMCD Board for consideration. Additional pages and project details may be submitted with the application.

Tips for Organizing A Bay

While there are many ways to organize a bay to address bay-wide or large area AIS management, some tips are proved below to help get you started. In addition, a new program is being implemented to allow funding opportunities for new AIS management treatments for bay-wide or large area projects. More information about funding requests is provided below.

  • Determine the level of organization- informal (volunteer) or formal (creating an association or LID)
  • Recruit bay members or board members for association
  • Determine Lake Stakeholders
    • Create a list of lakeshore residents and deeded properties available Hennepin County, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.
  • Create financial accounts and funding solicitation method such as Paypal account
  • Get the Word Out
    • Create logo and branding
    • Create digital venues: Facebook Group, Next Door Group, Website
    • Donation Link, subscribe, provide information regarding AIS Treatment
    • Create hard copies: newsletters, yard signs
    • In person methods- door to door visits with flyers, meetings with PowerPoints and treatment applicator available for Q&A
  • First step to organizing baywide treatment is to hire Company (Lake Service Provider) to conduct Vegetation and/or AIS Intercept Survey or Delineation as required by MNDNR for permits to determine treatment area and method. Ex. Curlyleaf pondweed, Eurasian watermilfoil, other. The next steps would be to work with Company regarding time and type of treatment.
  • Learn about the Organizations supporting bays and Lake Minnetonka
    • Lake Minnetonka Conservation District – support available, grants available for new whole bay or large area AIS management and prevention
    • University of Minnesota- research
    • Minnehaha Creek Watershed District- carp management
    • Hennepin County- grants available for AIS prevention
    • MNDNR- possible grants available for AIS management
    • Lake Minnetonka Association – a possible place to direct funds to bay as non-profit giving towards AIS vegetation chemical treatments
  • Learn about native species, current AIS, and threats specific to Lake Minnetonka.

Note: Tips abridged from Harrisons Bay Association information

Resources for Creating a Nonprofit