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LMCD Winter 2022-23 Newsletter

Learn some highlights of Lake Minnetonka activities in the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District Winter 2022-23 Newsletter. Thank you to all who helped make 2022 another successful year in preserving and enhancing the Lake Minnetonka experience. Visit the links below to view the newsletter articles.

Full Newsletter
Page 2: Lake Safety (2023 Watercraft Speeds, Pilot Distance Buoys, Solar Light Program)
Page 3: Lake Safety (Pressure to Commercialize, Boater Safety Education, Winter Safety)
Page 4: Protecting Lake Minnetonka (Starry Trek, Preventing AIS During Winter)
Page 5: Protecting Lake Minnetonka (AIS Funding Opportunities, New Tools to Prevent Spread of AIS, Boater Safety Education, Cedar Point West Quiet Water Area, Save the Lake)
Page 6: The Team 2022
Page 7: Carp Study & Learn More