Lake Minnetonka Conservation District



Public Comments for Board Meetings

Public engagment and input is a priority for the LMCD. We have a wide variety of stakeholders with various needs and perspectives. Balancing these perspectives and desires in consideration of lake conservation initiatives is a significant responsibility. As such, we welcome engagement in a variety of ways such as over the phone, in writing (hard copy and electronic), and in person through individual and public meetings, among other ways. The following information is a guide for providing input to the LMCD Board for consideration at its regularly scheduled Board meetings.

Process for Providing Comments

Once the Board meeting agenda is posted to the LMCD’s website typically on Friday, you should provide general input by 12:00 pm (Noon) the day of the board meeting, typically Wednesday. Earlier deadlines are in place if you wish to submit/distribute handouts or electronic information. Submit general information by:

  • Completing the Speaker/Comment Card (Recommended and Given Priority)
  • Emailing the LMCD Office at and
  • Calling the LMCD Office at 952-745-0789

Code of Conduct

The speaker and any information provided should not contain any statements, graphics or pictures that are offensive or reflect personal attacks on other individuals, Board members or staff. Presentation handouts and electronic media that contain this information will not be distributed. See Speaker Handouts and Electronic Media section for deadlines and requirements.

Speaker Time Allotment

Presentations by individuals under the “Public Comments” section of the agenda are limited to a total of 5 minutes. Time frames may be reduced if multiple parties wish to speak. Priority will be given to those who sign up to speak through the online Speaker/Comment Card. Speakers who sign up for multiple requests may be combined into one request.

If a speaker represents multiple parties, the presentation is limited to 7 minutes, and other members of the group may not speak. Individuals will be asked to stand or verify their attendance. All names need to be provided at the time of sign up.

Speaker Handouts and Electronic Media

Any person wishing to provide handouts or make a presentation that includes video or another form of electronic media must provide that information in digital format to the LMCD no later than 12:00pm (Noon) the day before the Board Meeting for review and any distribution by staff. Large documents may require additional time for staff review for form and content. The digital format must be compatible with the LMCD’s technology equipment. The presentation will be tested prior to the Board Meeting to ensure that it is compatible.

Tips for Successful Presentations and Comments

The following tips will help provide a more effective presentation and input for the Board to consider.

  • State your name and address at the start of your presentation.
  • The best presentations about the issue under discussion are to the point. Presentations that are less than 3 minutes long, but to the point, are more effective than long and repetitive presentations.
  • If your point has been made by previous speakers, it is acceptable to inform the Board Chair “I do not wish to speak. My point has been made.”
  • If you plan to present information to the Board, the materials should have already been presented to LMCD staff by the deadline the previous day. If you were not organized, you may provide the copies to LMCD staff at the meeting for review and possible distribution if the materials are appropriate. However, the materials may not be distributed until a later date until after review. For large requests, the materials will be reviewed and distributed at a later date as appropriate. In the meantime, you may begin your presentation.
  • Address your remarks to the whole Board or Board Chair, rather than to a specific member.
  • Do not ask the Board if anyone has questions. The Board Chair will ask you to stay at the podium if there is a question.
  • The Board Chair will ask you to finish the presentation or end your presentation when your presentation time frame has ended.