Lake Minnetonka WEATHER

Site Plan Guidelines

Lake projects are important to recreational, wellness, and economic considerations. Understanding the regulations that balance the unique and varied aspects of the lake and its stakeholders is important. Proper planning for a project often starts with a good site plan that indicates the specific characteristics of the site. Pre-design or application meetings with staff are also offered to help facilitate your project. The following items are generally required on a site plan as part of an application for a license, variance, or permit for a dock, watercraft storage, and other structures to allow a proper review of the request.

General Site Information

  • Site address/PID/Location
  • Property owner name
    • Contact information
  • Applicant (authorized agent relationship to property)
    • Contact information
  • Submit a digital version and hardcopy 11 inch x 17 inch site plan- drawings and inclusions must be to-scale
  • Indicate North direction
  • Extensions of property’s side site lines on both/all points on the property where they terminate at the shoreline
  • Documented shoreline (929.4 ft OHW) and respective total measurement of lineal footage of shoreline
  • Documented lines showing 50 ft, 100 ft, and 200 ft measurements into the lake from the 929.4 ft OHW NVGD
  • Any utilities; environmental features such as wetlands, protected vegetation or spawning areas, etc.; unique characteristics of the dock use area; adjacent channels or lagoon areas; and other items relevant to the site. If located adjacent to or near a channel or other main navigation thoroughfare, include the dimensions of the channel or navigational area, including to the opposite shoreline, any navigational hazards, and any docks or structures.

Specific Site Information

  • Measurements of existing dock structures, watercraft storage areas, and other structures
  • Measurements of proposed dock structures, watercraft storage areas, and other structures
  • Location and identifying label for watercraft storage for all boat storage units (BSUs)
  • Dimensions of of all BSUs including length and width
  • Setback measurements from both/all extended side site/property lines for docks, watercraft storage areas/BSUs, and other structures
  • Length measurement from the 929.4 ft OHW of the dock including watercraft storage and other structures
  • Abutting docks and other structures at adjacent properties indicating effect of the variance request including distance measurements and other relevant items
  • Water level readings (if water depth is the basis of the variance request) to include first reach to 3 feet, 4 feet, and 5 feet from the 929.4 ft OHW along the continuous shoreline. Include the dates water depth measurements were taken. Water depths must be measured relative to the 929.4 ft OHW NVGD.