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Regulations & Handouts

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Lake Minnetonka is a valuable recreational resource for a large number of people in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, Minnesota, and the nation. The Lake is also a valuable ecological resource that provides drainage control and a habitat for a wide range of wildlife. The Lake is subject to increasing pressures from the development of adjacent shoreland areas and from increasing recreational uses.

Regulations are established in order to balance all the competing interests of the Lake, the human use and the great natural resource.  The Lake Minnetonka Conservation District (LMCD) Board of Directors over the years has adopted a comprehensive Code of Ordinances to manage and regulate a wide variety of activities on Lake Minnetonka. Please view the code and informational materials for more information about environmental, public safety, and nuisance regulations.

Informational Materials

Current LMCD Code of Ordinances – Effective October 28, 2019

  • Article 1 (General Provisions, Compliance, and Definitions)
  • Article 2 (General Regulations on Structures and Uses)
  • Article 3 (Commercial Lake Uses and Structures)
  • Article 4 (Municipal Lake Uses)
  • Article 5 (Residential Structures and Uses)
  • Article 6 (Licensing and Permitting Procedures)
  • Article 7 (Watercraft for Hire, Rental, and Liquor Licensing)
  • Article 8 (Watercraft and Vehicle Regulations)
  • Article 9 (Specific Use Regulations)
  • Article 10 (Public Health and Safety Regulations)
  • Article 11 (Environmental Controls)

Old LMCD Code of Ordinances – No Longer in Effect

LMCD Adopted Ordinances


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