Lake Minnetonka Conservation District

Regulations & Handouts


Swim Areas and Swim Rafts

Applications for swim areas and swim rafts permits are processed by Hennepin County Water Patrol. Application forms can be found on their website HERE.

Temporary Structure Permit for Private Swim Areas:

The owner or lessee of shoreline property may mark off up to 2500 square feet, but no more than 50 feet along the lake frontage, directly in front of their property.

Markers must:

  • be white with an orange diamond and cross on each side
  • extend out of the water at least 6 inches, but not more than 14 inches
  • be spaced no more than 15 feet apart
Temporary Structure Permit for Swim Raft:

A swim raft permit remains in effect for 3 years, unless the address or location of the swim raft changes or permission from the landowner is revoked, in which case a renewal application must be submitted.

The swim raft must:

  • be no more than 8 ft by 10 ft – dimensions???
  • have the permit displayed in 2 inch numerals on one side of the raft
  • have reflectorized material that indicates its size from all angles
  • be within 100 feet of shore
  • not be a navigational hazard
  • be removed each year by the 15th of December