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Boat Generated Wakes Review

The Lake Minnetonka Conservation District (LMCD) is in the process of reviewing boat-generated wake rules.

This is the result of hearing from many members of the public about the wakes created by watercraft such as wake surf boats and large cruisers. Some feel these large wakes are creating safety hazards, environmental concerns, noise issues and property damage, and are interfering with other uses of the lake. Others feel that these boats offer a great outdoor recreational outlet and have the same right to use the lake as any other watercraft owner.

Lake Minnetonka is unique in that it has numerous bays with varying characteristics that allows for and limits certain types of uses. It is also one of the busiest lakes in the state, being a regional and national recreation destination. The LMCD has a long history of balancing competing lake uses while also preserving the lake, promoting safety, and keeping the lake enjoyable for all.

The LMCD Board is committed to fully reviewing the boat wake rules by gathering public input, continuing or expanding public education, and reviewing recent research such as the U of M St. Anthony Falls Study. During this process, information will be shared and updated on this webpage. For information regarding boat generated wake programs and initiatives, visit the main safety and boat generated wakes webpage.

View the view the process outline for more details about the process and continue to visit this Boat Generated Wakes Review webpage for background information and updates during the review process.


The LMCD hosted a listening session on June 8, 2022 to hear public comments regarding the wake rules. The following information and materials were provided at or as part of public comments to a certain date. This listening session is the first step in the LMCD’s review of wake rules. Information will be added subsequently throughout the process.

Listening Session Agenda
Listening Session Meeting Video

Association Presentations & Comments (As presented)

Public Comments Submitted through 06/08/2022

The LMCD is also accepting written comments. Written comments should be sent to the LMCD Office at lmcd@lmcd.org or by mail at LMCD, 5341 Maywood Rd, Suite 200, Mound, MN 55364.


Stay informed about this review process by signing up for email notifications regarding this topic and other Lake Minnetonka activities by emailing lmcd@lmcd.org or calling the LMCD office at 952-745-0789.



The following maps were created by the LMCD for illustrative purposes only to show distances from shoreline. They were not created to illustrate what the LMCD intends to implement into an ordinance for boat generated wakes. Rather, they are to serve as a reference for interested parties to review prior to the listening session.


The following articles and information has been submitted to the LMCD from various parties in relation to the boat generated wakes topics. These documents are from external sources; the contents are not produced, verified, or property of the LMCD.