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Boat Generated Wakes Review

Community members have voiced concerns about the wakes created by watercrafts, such as wake surf boats and large cruisers. These large wakes make it difficult for people in small watercrafts, including kayaks and canoes, to use the lake safely. Wakes close to shorelines also damage Lake Minnetonka’s environment and contribute to shoreline erosion. However, others believe watercrafts like wake surf boats are a great recreational outlet and have a right to be on the lake.

After receiving these comments, the LMCD decided to launch a thorough review process to better understand community members’ input, ideas, and concerns. We hosted a listening session, solicited public comments, gathered data, reviewed research, and connected with member cities and boating industry leaders. Summaries of this process and what we learned are included below. You can also view our process outline for more details.

After listening to the community and conducting research, one step the Board took was to update a current rule. Over time, we have seen a change in the types and sizes of watercraft, in addition to the variety of competing uses on Lake Minnetonka.

The Board voted on a new rule regarding watercraft speeds near the shoreline in August 2022. This rule will go into effect starting on January 1, 2023. To learn more about this rule change, visit our Safety & Boat-Generated Wakes page.


The LMCD hosted a listening session on June 8, 2022 to hear public comments regarding the wake rules. The following information and materials were provided at or as part of public comments to a certain date. This listening session is the first step in the LMCD’s review of wake rules. Information will be added subsequently throughout the process.

Listening Session Agenda
Listening Session Meeting Video


The LMCD held a review session on Wednesday July 13, 2022 to discuss public comments that were received by the LMCD and CSLM regarding boat generated wakes and wake rules. The following video was taken during the work session of the LMCD Board Meeting as a convenience for the public to view and stay informed on our decision making process.

07/13/2022 Work Session Video

Association Presentations & Comments (As presented)


The LMCD will be holding a review session on Wednesday August 10, 2022 to discuss two options for a new watercraft speed limit ordinance.

  • Option 1: proposes to extend the distance of the current code requiring all watercraft to travel at five miles per hour within 150 feet of shoreline, bathing area, swimmer, scuba diver warning flag, anchored rafts or watercrafts, docks, piers, and designated no wake zones to within 300 feet.
  • Option 2: proposes a 300 foot distance from shoreline but would keep a 150 distance from bathing areas, swimmers, scuba diver warning flags, anchored raft or watercraft, docks, piers, and designated no wake zones.

Additionally, the LMCD has created three maps for illustrative purposes only to show the existing distance buffers already established in the code and the proposed distances buffers if either ordinance option is implemented.

Public Comments Throughout Review Process

Public Comments Submitted through 06/08/2022

Public Comments Submitted after 06/08/2022 through 06/23/2022

Public Comments Submitted after 06/24/2022 through 08/10/2022

Public Comments Submitted after 08/10/2022 through 08/16/2022

The LMCD is also accepting written comments. Written comments should be sent to the LMCD Office at or by mail at LMCD, 5341 Maywood Rd, Suite 200, Mound, MN 55364.


Stay informed about this review process by signing up for email notifications regarding this topic and other Lake Minnetonka activities by emailing or calling the LMCD office at 952-745-0789.



The following maps were created by the LMCD for illustrative purposes only to show distances from shoreline. They were not created to illustrate what the LMCD intends to implement into an ordinance for boat generated wakes. Rather, they are to serve as a reference for interested parties to review prior to the listening session.


The following articles and information has been submitted to the LMCD from various parties in relation to the boat generated wakes topics. These documents are from external sources; the contents are not produced, verified, or property of the LMCD.