Lake Minnetonka Conservation District



Mission Statement and Operating Policy

Mission Statement: Save the Lake is a non-profit fund investing in programs which benefit the environmental and recreational needs of Lake Minnetonka.

Operating Policy: Lake Minnetonka provides recreational experiences and aesthetic values to public water surface users, the general public and lakeshore owners. The Lake Minnetonka Conservation District (LMCD), its fourteen member cities surrounding the lake, Hennepin County, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, and Three Rivers Park District are some of the governmental agencies that share major management roles in protecting the lake’s environmental quality and user experiences on the lake.

Public funding provides the basis for implementing programs that preserve or improve upon the environmental quality and user experience. At times, however, supplemental programs are needed to enhance or speed up the public program initiatives. The LMCD normal activities are funded through a tax levy to the 14 cities that border Lake Minnetonka, license and permit revenue, court fines, and limited grant funding. In order to achieve objectives not covered by these funding sources, the LMCD has created a Fund called Save the Lake to address the Lake’s supplemental needs of public safety, environmental, and public service/education.

The money in the Save the Lake Fund comes from private donations. The LMCD Board of Directors will manage the Save the Lake Fund to achieve its objectives and will do so in accordance with LMCD Resolution 118. LMCD Resolution 118, which establishes a policy on a reserve balance for the Save the Lake Fund, identifies a formula for the maximum amount of Save the Lake Funds available each year based on the reserve balance as of December 31st from each year. It also states that an announcement of funds available will be made by April 15th for the following calendar year.