Lake Minnetonka Conservation District



Program Funding Criteria

When a request for LMCD Save the Lake funds is received, the LMCD takes into consideration the following:

  • Does the request represent major environmental preservation or an improvement on an environmental priority?
  • Does the request sustain or improve a major recreational resource?
  • Will the investment of funds provide a long-term benefit?
  • Does the request provide public benefit that spans a broad range of lake users in terms of age, economics, use, and interest?
  • Does the request attract matching public or private funds to produce the program?
  • Does the request appeal to contributors of Save the Lake who recognize and likely support the proposed program, and would likely continue to donate to Save the Lake?
  • Does the request meet a major lake educational need not being met by other public or private initiatives?

The following criteria are established to guide the Save the Lake Advisory Committee and LMCD Board of Directors in evaluating and selecting programs for funding. Proposed projects are weighted by meeting one or more of the following program criteria:


  1. Improves public safety on the lake.
  2. Benefits structures in the lake.
  3. Lessens conflicts among lake surface users.
  4. Enhances safe boat operation.
  5. Assures greater personal safety.


  1. Involves research or program implementation that studies or protects the lake environment.
  2.  Protects the lake from infestation of exotic aquatic plants or animals.
  3. Prevents the spread of exotic aquatic plants or animals from the lake.
  4. Allows or enhances enjoyment and use of the lake while preserving the lake from environmental degradation.


  1. Benefits the general public use of Lake Minnetonka.
  2. Make Lake Minnetonka more accessible to persons unable, or choosing not to, access the lake by their own boat.
  3. Encourages public participation in lake clean-up.
  4. Promotes courteous boat operation.
  5. Recognizes achievements in community service by individuals or groups that benefit Lake Minnetonka.
  6. Advances the historical significance of Lake Minnetonka.