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Boater Safety Education Legislation

May 23, 2022 Legislative Update–Mound, MN. The boater safety education bill did not pass this legislative session. Progress was made in the development of the language and will be ready for future consideration.

Lake Minnetonka is a busy lake and safety is a critical part of its enjoyment. Currently and lake safety is a priority so everyone can enjoy the lake. Under certain circumstances, youth 17 years and younger are required to have a Watercraft Operators Permit. Learn more about youth specific requirements in the Summer Rules Handout.

With an emphasis on safety and education, several parties are considering expanding the boater education requirements in Minnesota to help keep our lakes safe. The Lake Minnetonka Conservation District (LMCD) supports lake safety initiatives such as boater education. Bills were submitted in the legislature previous years and the 2022 legislative session. For more information about efforts to support for boater safety in Minnesota, view the links below:

Letters of Support

Boater Education Coalition Letter

LMCD Boater Safety Education Letter of Support