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The Bridges of Lake Minnetonka

Lake Minnetonka is unique not only for its many bays but also for its many bridges. In fact, there are 20 bridges scattered across Lake Minnetonka’s 14,500 acres. All of them may stand at different lengths, widths, and clearances but all share one thing in common: they connect. Whether you are driving down Shoreline Drive across Arcola Bridge towards Wayzata or driving down Shadywood Road across Narrows Bridge toward Excelsior, these bridges connect us all to our destinations. But best of all, they connect all 14 cities that surround this beautiful lake.

The table below displays the approximate clearance, length, and width measurements of each bridge found on Lake Minnetonka. Note: vertical clearance measurements are based on the normal lake level elevation of 929.4 feet. Channel depths and slops may vary.

Bridge NameClearanceLength (ft)Width (ft)
Black Lake9’9″9546
Boy Scout6’11”5121
Carson’s Bay5’8″38854
Emerald Lake12’4″9244
Forest Bay11’3″15844
Grays Bay14’4″29745
Halsted Bay14’11”5643
Libbs Lake8’10”7834
Lost Lake11’1″11843
St. Albans Bay12’5″10635
Seton Lake12’8″13866
Tanager Lake9’0″9340
Zimmerman Pass11’6″15227