Lake Minnetonka WEATHER

Water Levels

Determining Lake Water Levels

The Ordinary High Water (OHW) level for Lake Minnetonka is 929.4 feet. It is natural for the water levels to fluctuate, seasonally from spring to fall and each year depending on weather conditions. The LMCD staff monitors lake water level readings taken by the USGS and Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD), which is charged with managing water levels on Lake Minnetonka and downstream to mitigate flooding and balance conditions during drought. Water levels are managed where feasible by controlling the operation of the Grays Bay Dam. This process is also coordinated with Minneapolis Park Board and its water level control mechanisms. View real-time readings of Lake Minnetonka by the USGS HERE. Find water level readings at

When the water levels are too high or too low, extensive damage may occur to the lake and shorelines. It also can lead to safety hazards for people, pets, and wildlife. Therefore certain regulations are in place to minimize these risks, balancing reasonable use of the lake.

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