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Preserving the Lake Is Our Priority

The Lake Minnetonka Conservation District (LMCD) brings together 14 different cities, two counties, and many state and local agencies to protect, preserve and enhance Lake Minnetonka’s environment, economy and vitality.

We are a uniform, coordinating body that cares for and regulates one of Minnesota’s most important resources. Lake Minnetonka is a unique asset requiring unique governance. By working collaboratively across all jurisdictions, we ensure that we represent the many stakeholders who care about our enjoyment of the lake today while preserving it for many generations to come.

Our History

The LMCD traces our history back to 1967, when state of Minnesota legislation created a regional governmental agency to regulate the lake’s use and develop a comprehensive plan to eliminate pollution. We’ve helped inform many decisions to protect the lake over the years.

  • Promoted installation of sanitary sewers  to prevent red algae blooms resulting from untreated sewage
  • Established Quiet Water Areas (QWA) to address public safety and environmental concerns
  • Adopted boating and winter use regulations
  • Adopted regulations for boating density, including the current 1:50’ General Rule
  • Purchased mechanical harvesting equipment to manage Eurasian Watermilfoil
  • Ongoing efforts to prevent new aquatic invasive species
  • Facilitate short and long-term strategy and planning efforts for comprehensive lake management
  • Adopted regulations for licensing and permitting
    • Multiple Docks (approved, legal storage of five or more restricted watercraft)
    • District Mooring Areas (sailboat buoy fields)
    • Charter Boats (including liquor licenses)
    • Permanent Docks (Residential)
    • Special Events (currently delegated to the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Water Patrol)
    • Winter De-icing

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Preserve and enhance the Lake Minnetonka experience.


Lake Minnetonka is a highly valued year-round asset with vibrant aesthetic, recreational, commercial, and natural qualities. These qualities and values will be protected and preserved for present and future generations.




The LMCDs adopted Strategic Plan for 2024/2025 will help to build on previous work and introduce new initiatives to meet the current and future needs of Lake Minnetonka.

Focusing our efforts ensures that we will meet our mission to preserve and enhance the Lake Minnetonka experience. We look forward to working with all our partners in these efforts.



The LMCD adopts a budget on or before July 1st for the following calendar year, per Minnesota Statute 103B.635. We forward the budget to the fourteen member municipalities, with a statement for the amount to be provided by each municipality. The LMCD Budget process typically commences in April and concludes in June. However, the operating LMCD budget is based on the calendar year. The 2024 budget link is below. The 2024 budget  is adopted and available for viewing.

2024 Budget


We take our mission to preserve and enhance the Lake Minnetonka experience seriously. The LMCD board attends regular meetings to ensure our work is completed effectively and efficiently.