Lake Minnetonka WEATHER

Lake-Friendly Living

Everyone who lives within the watersheds that feed Lake Minnetonka — not just those who live on the shore — makes decisions daily that can affect the lake’s health. These watersheds include Six Mile Creek, Painters Creek, Long Lake Creek, Christmas Lake, Lake Virginia, Langdon Lake, Schutz Lake, Dutch Lake, and Gleason Lake. Lake Minnetonka also affects the water quality of the Minnehaha Creek Watershed flowing downstream of Lake Minnetonka. From choosing phosphorus-free lawn treatments to constructing permeable pavement driveways, the actions residents and property owners take now help protect the environmental integrity of the Lake for decades to come.

Lake-friendly living does not mean that you have to give anything up, but instead that you seek out options that work for both you and Lake Minnetonka. A few resources to conserve the lake and protect your investments are provided below.

Before beginning any shoreline, wetland, or stormwater management project, contact the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District or city to ensure you have the proper permits.

Managing Lakeshore Vegetation and AIS

Lake-Friendly Landscaping

Other Lake-Friendly Initiatives

Requirements for Residential Structures, Watercraft, and Storage

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