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New Changes to Watercraft for Hire Code

We monitor trends and regularly review LMCD ordinances to ensure they’re inclusive of current and emerging lake use.

Last year, a watercraft for hire workgroup was formed after receiving applications to register watercrafts that did not fit the profile of a typical charter boat. Watercraft for hire are boats or other waterborne vessels carrying passengers for a fee. The goal of the workgroup was to create code that is clear, comprehensive, and provides equal opportunities for all applicants.

After lengthy discussions, the workgroup proposed the changes that were then adopted and put into effect at the January 24, 2024, LMCD Board Meeting.

New rules include:

  • Watercraft for hire will now apply for and receive licenses – not certificates of registration. In the event that a licensee is not complying with code, their license will be revoked.
  • Watercraft for hire with six passengers or less are exempt from needing a license.
  • When applying for a license, there is now updated review criteria to promote public safety. This includes registering the proper amenities and establishing authorized ports of call, among other changes.

Watercraft for Hire Code Changes

Summary of Watercraft for Hire Code Changes

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