Lake Minnetonka WEATHER


Preserving and Enhancing the “Lake Minnetonka Experience” WELCOME TO FALL AND WINTER ON LAKE MINNETONKA! We are the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District (LMCD), a regional governmental agency dedicated to protecting, […]

Boat Wake

Lake-Friendly Boating

As the largest lake in the Twin Cities and the 9th largest lake in the state, Lake Minnetonka is one of Minnesota’s greatest natural assets. Home to approximately 4,000 residential […]

Lake-Friendly Living

Everyone who lives within the watersheds that feed Lake Minnetonka — not just those who live on the shore — makes decisions daily that can affect the lake’s health. These […]

Top Winter Safety & Nuisance Violations

Lake Minnetonka is a treasure all year long, but we still see some misuse in the colder months, including safety risks. The following are the most common winter-use violations observed […]