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With your support, the LMCD has been protecting the legacy of Lake Minnetonka for more than 50 years. Your generous donation today will help protect the lake for generations to come!

Save the Lake is an initiative of the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District that was established in the 1970’s to provide a supplemental funding source to the LMCD’s primary operating budget.  This fund was created to help address the Lake’s needs of public safety, environment, and public service and education.

Contributions to Save the Lake are generally tax deductible under the IRS Code 26 USC Section 170 (b)(1)(a) because contributions to any political subdivision of any state for exclusively public purposes are deductible.  The LMCD is a political subdivision of the State of Minnesota under Minnesota Statutes Section 103B.605, Subdivision 1.

Typically two contribution letters are distributed to local residents and businesses each year. However, donations are received throughout the year. The purchase of popular lake photographs also provides a partial contribution to the Save the Lake fund.

New Ways to Contribute

  • Online Giving- PayPal Donate Button
  • Mail a Donation
  • Workplace Giving Programs- Donations go further with company matching grant programs. Check with your HR Department or visit www.Benevity.com.
  • Corporate & Foundation Giving- Partner on Lake Minnetonka initiatives.

Contributions may be mailed via check to: LMCD Save the Lake, Lake Minnetonka Conservation District, 5341 Maywood Road, Suite 200, Mound, MN  55364.

Additional Information

LMCD’s mission is to preserve Lake Minnetonka and enhance the “Lake Minnetonka experience”
Lake Minnetonka Conservation District
5341 Maywood Road, Suite 200, Mound, MN 55364
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