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Summer Heat Lake Safety

The summer lake season is here with many days of hot weather forecasted. Enjoying the lake is a good way to enjoy the summer whether fishing, boating, water sports, canoeing […]

Wastewater Discharge and Marine Toilets

In response to illnesses over 2019’s July Fourth holiday, the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District (LMCD) adopted an ordinance to reinforce and clarify existing regulations banning sewage discharge in Lake Minnetonka. […]

Own Your Wake Image

Own Your Wake

For Everyone’s Sake Wake Awareness Wakes present dangers to lake users and can damage property. Therefore, it is especially important that boaters are aware of their wake and how it […]

Top 10 Summer Violations

The following are the most common boating violations observed by Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office Water Patrol. Be mindful of the rules and use common sense to have a safe and […]

Staying Healthy

We want everyone to be safe and healthy while enjoying the lake, which is why certain regulations and measures are in place. Gatherings, whether on land or water, carry a […]

Ice Safety

Ice thickness and strength can vary drastically over the same body of water depending on age, temperature, snow cover, and other factors. For example, white ice is half as strong […]