Lake Minnetonka WEATHER
cleaning up plastic beads

Prevent Litter & Trash

The lake belongs to all of us and we need to care for it and keep it clean. Be sure to pack out what you pack in on the lake. You can also help improve the quality of the lake by collecting litter that you see and properly disposing of it once off the lake.

We can also make new choices of what to bring with us. The more reusable things we pack, the less trash we create. The more durable products that are less prone to crushing and dispersal, the less likely accidents will produce pollution. It’s good for us, fish, plants, and the environment.

Single use plastics may break up and take a significant amount of time to deteriorate. They may become hazards to fish, other aquatics, and the environment. Glass may shatter and pieces may become safety hazards for humans and animals. Some materials may create problematic pollution to clean up when crushed such as plastic foam bead construction. Try to use the most durable, safe materials possible when on the lake.