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Winterizing Your Docks & Watercraft

As fall approaches and lake water levels decrease, it is time to start thinking about preparing your docks, structures, and watercraft for winter. When water levels or temperatures are atypically low, dock companies may need to remove docks earlier to ensure their equipment can properly access the location. Watercraft storage companies may also request boats are removed earlier to make sure they have time to remove and properly winterize all their clients’ watercraft prior to inclement weather conditions.

For those who leave their docks in or perform their own winterization, the following tips may be helpful to save your equipment and docks and budget Use a checklist to check structures, boat lifts, cables; electrical systems, outlets, and services; and plumbing lines. Repair or replace items that are not in good condition and winterize as needed. Professional dock and boat maintenance companies can be helpful in assisting with equipment, winterization, and storage questions.