Lake Minnetonka WEATHER

Winter Safety Tips

Wintertime on the lake means more frosty and fun activities to enjoy! Keep these important rules in mind to ensure your winter experience stays safe:

  • Beware of thin ice: Ice is never 100% safe! Check its thickness every 150 feet using an ice chisel, auger or drill with a long bit. Make sure to park vehicles at least 150 feet apart and move them every two hours to avoid sinking.
  • No water skipping: It’s dangerous and strictly prohibited to skip motorized vehicles over open water.
  • Obtain permits for special events: Most special events require permits. The LMCD collaborates with the Hennepin County Sherriff’s Water Patrol to ensure proper management. Contact the water patrol office for information about special event permit applications.
  • Use safety equipment: Check the water temperature before heading out on the lake. Be prepared and always wear a life jacket and cold water protection gear. Carry ice picks in case of emergencies.
  • Clean up pet waste: Please remember to pick up and remove any dog waste on the ice.

To get a full refresher of all our winter rules visit our Newsletter, Publications, and Media page.